How to apply for a Mess Waiter job in 8 Light S&T Battalion ASC Kharian

How to apply for a Mess Waiter job in 8 Light S&T Battalion ASC Kharian

How to apply for a Mess Waiter job in 8 Light S&T Battalion ASC Kharian

How to apply for a Mess Waiter job in 8 Light S&T Battalion ASC Kharian

If you are looking to apply for the Mess Waiter job in 82 Light S&T Battalion ASC Kharian, there are certain things that you will need to do in order to be able to submit your resume to the Human Resource Department and make it a more competitive one than other applicants’ resumes. This guide will show you what steps you need to take and how you can go about applying successfully by following proper procedures, so that when you go ahead and apply, your application will not only be accepted but considered.

What are Mess Waiter jobs?

You are required to serve food and beverages, collect used cutlery and crockery, and clear away all rubbish left by diners. And if you have sufficient training, you can even be responsible for ensuring that dishes are properly rinsed before they go into storage or onto transport. In addition, you may also perform duties such as cleaning kitchen equipment and preparing foodstuffs. Sound good? Find out how you can get hired now! How to apply for a Mess Waiter job: If you want to become a mess waiter in Pakistan Army, it’s important that you read over the requirements first. The table below details everything you need to know about applying for 82 Light S&T Battalion ASC Kharian jobs: Qualification : Matric with 2 years experience of mess work.

What you will get if you get selected?

The military is one of most respected professions across Pakistan. The army and air force are regarded as exemplary occupations for individuals with patriotic feelings. It is an awesome challenge which allows you to dedicate your services to your country and its welfare. If you want to serve Pakistan Army, you will be rewarded well with great wages and benefits. To get selected, you need to qualify in exams as well as interviews that are held on certain terms announced by officers of 82 light S&T battalion on its website at . Good Luck!

Recruitment Process?

Before applying you must have competed in JANGWANI/WAJANG (it is mandatory). After completion of Jangwani/Wajang, now you can go ahead and visit your nearby recruitment centre. But remember that applications are not being accepted from people living outside KPK. Your medical tests will be conducted at FC Faisalabad (CMH), if required your urine sample will be sent to pathology laboratory CMH Faisalabad for analysis which may take 24 hours or more. Final selection of applicants will be done on merit basis. With determination and sincerity towards duty, no milestone is too difficult to achieve.

Syllabus For CSB?

The course syllabus, sometimes called Course Outline (or sometimes simply Syllabus), is a document that details all of topics that will be covered within an academic class. These documents are typically distributed at some point during first few weeks of classes and they are meant to provide students with information about what topics will be covered, specific policies and procedures that apply to students who may have special requirements or interests (e.g., athletes), as well as general information about how each class period is structured. A course syllabus should also include any due dates for assignments and/or papers, quizzes and exams, etc. This can help you plan your schedule so you can meet these important due dates without forgetting anything or getting behind in your work.

Tips & Tricks To Crack A Job In Army.

Jobs In Army are not just reserved for boys from tough backgrounds. You don’t have to be a certain religion or race or creed, you don’t have to have attended an elitist college and you definitely do not need a fortune saved up! Nor do you need any specific background skills because whatever your past life is, however old you are, whatever previous work experience or education you may have, it is all irrelevant! All that matters is whether you want it enough and whether at interview, someone thinks you can do it. It may sound daunting but once your foot gets in through the door (or rather once they decide they like what they see!)…once that happens then anything is possible.

Job Description of the applicants?

Jobs of mess waiter, Baker, Butler/Orderly are needed by 8th light S&T battalion ASC kharian. So they are advised to do their best effort while applying and finally they will be able to get a positive response from MES (Mess Establishment Section) section and then they will get selected. A mess waiter is required person whose duty is cleaning of floor, tables, chairs etc. It’s also required when food is brought out and served with extra services like give cutlery or changes plates and so on. The applicants can check application procedure before sending their applications form . Application fee is Rs.1000/- which should be paid at any branch of Bank Islami Pakistan Limited. No TA/DA will be paid if candidate gets selected otherwise it will not refunded. Last date to send application form is 30 August 2022 at 10:00 AM..

Duties And Responsibilities Of The Candidates?

Should be able to carry out his duties and responsibilities accordingly. Should have discipline and good moral character. Should be punctual, hard working and honest. Should be cooperative with all colleagues. Should have good communication skills. Should be trustworthy. Should possess sound knowledge of English/Urdu language. Good computer knowledge is desirable but not essential. Must not have any criminal record and should not be involved in any illegal activities of any kind whatsoever during or after service as mess waiter of Army/Navy/Air Force units, civil administration offices etc., anywhere in Pakistan or abroad on contract basis or otherwise.

Physical Requirements For The Post Of Mess Keeper?

For post of mess keeper, person should be of high moral character, must be hardworking, honest and sincere. The qualifications include matriculate or equivalent qualification with at least one year experience as waiter/waitress in four or five star hotel or eating place. A probation period of six months will be made applicable in such cases. He should not have any criminal antecedents and should not have been dismissed from service from any establishment on disciplinary grounds prior to joining Punjab Armed Police.