Join Pak Army Jobs 2022 – A Complete guide to becoming a Captain

Join Pak Army Jobs 2022 – A guide to becoming a Captain

Join Pak Army Jobs 2022 – A guide to becoming a Captain

Join Pak Army Jobs 2022 – A guide to becoming a Captain

The Pakistan Army is one of the largest and strongest armies in the world, and if you’re a regular reader here on Pak Army Careers 2022, it’s obvious that you want to join the Pakistan Army as an officer. Becoming an officer in the Pakistan Army isn’t easy – but with the right preparation, knowledge, and your dedication to success, it’s very possible. This guide to becoming a Captain will give you everything you need to know in order to become an officer in the Pakistan Army.

Why join the Pakistan Army?

The Pakistan Army is one of two primary land forces of Pakistan. It is charged with protecting and defending Pakistan’s territorial integrity against all threats, both internal and external.The military service is voluntary and open to both men and women, who must be at least 18 years old to be enlisted.A new recruit joins as an officer cadet (sub-lieutenant) in either an infantry regiment or armoured corps regiment or aviation (air force) regiment depending on his choice of branch but then undergoes training which moulds him into an officer of common rank or subaltern depending on his training company. After completion of initial training, he serves for some time as a platoon commander before being commissioned as a lieutenant. Junior officers are trained at various institutions within Pakistan Army such as School of Infantry and Tactics (SIT), National Defence University (NDU), Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS), Kakul Military Academy (KMA) etc. They are also attached to various branches/corps/units for short periods so that they can learn their jobs better while they take part in operations that take place during peacetime such as Operation Rah-e-Nijat. This allows them to get experience working under different officers from other branches and units thus preparing them for command appointments later on during their careers.

What does it take to be in the Pakistan Army?

Becoming an officer in Pakistan’s army means meeting a number of requirements, including having at least five years’ experience in related fields and achieving an above-average score on tests. You’ll also need good recommendations from your superiors and four years’ experience as warrant officers or junior commissioned officers (JCOs). Since there are hundreds of candidates for every available post, you need to stand out as much as possible during recruitment interviews and exams. To secure your place in Pakistan’s armed forces, it is important that you know exactly what is required of you. Let’s take a look at what it takes to become an officer: …

Advantages and disadvantages of joining Pakistan Army

It is an established fact that Pakistan army is one of top military forces in Asia. The Pak army has long history and strong professional background. No matter you are Pakistani or another nationality, when join Pakistan army , there will be many benefits for you at all time. Apart from lucrative salary, there are numerous reasons make up your mind. Here we discuss both advantages and disadvantages of joining Pakistan Army . In general, most people have positive attitude towards joining Pakistan Army. However, some people still worry about whether it is right choice or not? Why do they worry? Well, here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of joining Pakistan Army : Advantages: You can get well paid job: Since Pakistan army is very powerful force in Asia, so when you join as officer then pay scale will be very high. According to Federal Government Pay Scale 2017-18 , starting pay scale for officers who joined after completing training course is Rs 45000/- per month. This amount can increase according to performance evaluation report (PER). You can get chance to travel abroad: If you work hard then definitely you can get chance to go abroad on duty with your family members along with job package.

Who can join Pakistan army?

To join Pakistan army, you should have high school certificate. If you have your HSC or equivalent degree then it will be better because most of them have BA/BSC level. You must also have good physical fitness and tall in height to join Pakistan Army. To enter in Pakistan army job you should also pass competition test and medical examination. While medical examination includes health checkup, physical test consists of push-ups, pull-ups, long jump, standing broad jump, one mile running race and other tests related to stamina and mental alertness of an applicant. For more information about joining Pakistan army please visit official website

What are the requirements?

All you need is a Bachelor’s degree in any field and 6 years of experience. Keep in mind that with some exceptions, all candidates must have attended at least 10th grade. You will also be required to take an entrance exam—taken on a computer—after sending your application package. You must pass it as well. The Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) is acceptable for non-native speakers who speak English fluently. However, most candidates choose to study for about 3 months with specialized teachers before taking their test. Not passing can be costly; failure usually means having to pay up $800+ and wait another year until you can re-apply!

How much does it cost?

A career in the armed forces is an exciting prospect, but before you make your decision about which branch to join, it’s worth doing some research. The pay and benefits offered by each service are different. For example, according to PayScale, as of December 2022, active duty members of the Air Force averaged $64K per year; in contrast, Navy members earned roughly $73K annually. These numbers don’t include additional pay or bonuses that could vary depending on rank or time served. Overall though, if you can stomach basic training and have some money saved up (applicants need at least six months of spending money), then joining up may be something to consider!

Can I apply without knowing Urdu?

Yes. Candidates who have previously applied for any other Military Commissioning Exam can also apply under LCC 21, whether they passed or failed in previous attempts. Applicants will be asked to submit their past test results while applying under LCC 21, but they do not need Urdu language skills on application. Successful candidates will then undergo six months of training at PAF Kakul Academy during which time Urdu language skills are imparted as part of course work.

Career progression in Pakistani army

The army is divided into three distinct tiers. The first tier contains combat arms—infantry, armor, artillery, and engineers. This is where you’ll find gunners and tank commanders. The second tier contains support units such as intelligence officers, military police, and quartermasters. These soldiers are responsible for ensuring smooth operations of units downrange during combat operations. Lastly, there are administrative branches that include legal services, medical corpsmen, and chaplains. If you want to become an officer in Pakistan Army then it is important that you know about its career progression system which can be explained below:

The table above shows how one can reach at top most rank of General from entry level ranks. One can reach at maximum rank of Lieutenant General after 21 years in service while Major General comes after 17 years in service and Brigadier comes after 13 years in service.