WAPDA Pakistan Jobs – Get Hired in 2022!

WAPDA Pakistan Jobs – Get Hired in 2022!

WAPDA Pakistan Jobs - Get Hired in 2022!

WAPDA Pakistan Jobs – Get Hired in 2022!

WAPDA, the acronym stands for Water and Power Development Authority was established in 1956 with the objective of providing an efficient water supply system to the people of Pakistan, transmission and distribution of electric power to the end users efficiently, economically and uninterruptedly. The authority implements national policy in water resources development and management including hydro power generation with its head office at Lahore, Pakistan… WAPDA Jobs – Islamabad Jobs – Lahore Jobs – Karachi Jobs – Peshawar Jobs – Quetta Jobs-Hiring in WAPDA 2019! Apply Here!

What does WAPDA do?

WAPDA is short for Water and Power Development Authority. Established under Article 5 of Water and Power Development Authority Ordinance, 1981 (Punjab Act II of 1982), WAPDA is an autonomous body directly reporting to Ministry of Water & Power. WAPDA covers activities relating to generation, transmission and distribution of electricity as well as water supply and sewerage system, industry de-salination plants and public health engineering works such as water reservoirs, roads over bridges, watershed development projects etc. at federal level. The authority also performs functions related to flood control, irrigation and rural electrification at provincial level. The authority has its own independent human resource policy which aims at recruiting best qualified manpower from all over Pakistan on merit basis without any discrimination on gender or ethnic grounds. It also provides equal opportunities to women in recruitment process as per merit criteria. The authority has developed a dynamic career plan which ensures continuous growth of employees through training programs so that they are equipped with latest knowledge and skills required for performance of their jobs effectively.

What is the recruitment process like?

WAPDA Pakistan is currently seeking passionate applicants for open positions. For new positions, WAPDA will be posting their employment opportunities on their official website and social media accounts. As well as job listings through careers websites and at government placement centers. The application process begins with an online application that can be found on WAPDA’s website and requires personal information such as your address, contact information, date of birth, country of origin etc… In addition to these details WAPDA also requests an essay prompt that asks you to describe why you are interested in working for them. After submitting your application you will receive a confirmation email from WAPDA that includes a link to take a pre-employment test. This test is designed to assess basic skills in mathematics, reading comprehension and English grammar. If you pass all three sections of the test then you will receive an email inviting you to attend an interview at one of their offices near your area. Once interviewed by a member of staff from WAPDA they will either offer or deny you a position based on how successful your interview was and if there are any other suitable candidates applying for similar positions.

How can I prepare for WAPDA jobs?

The first step to getting a job with WAPDA is to get yourself out there. Tell your friends and family that you’re looking for work, talk to any professional contacts you may have and make it a point to talk about it on social media. Networking can be difficult, but starting early and giving it a lot of time will pay off. Before applying for a job at WAPDA, think about what type of position you want or need. Are you hoping for full-time work? Part-time? A high salary? Work from home? Take some time to figure out exactly what kind of role you’re after and tailor your resume specifically for those opportunities. Once you’ve got your resume ready, start applying. You can apply online through WAPDA’s website, by sending an email directly to WAPDA or by submitting an application in person. Make sure you keep track of every place where you apply so that when someone gets back to you, you know where they heard about your candidacy. It’s also important to consider how much experience you have when deciding whether or not to apply for a job with WAPDA; if it’s been a while since your last position, focus on jobs that match up with previous experience and don’t shy away from entry-level positions if they’re offered.

Do I have to go through screening tests?

Screening tests are a great way to get a feel for what working at WAPDA will be like. While you don’t have to pass all of them, it is important that you show up and give your best effort during these exams. If you do, it’s likely that you will continue moving forward in our screening process and may even end up with an offer letter by next week! Keep your chin up—just remember that learning how to ace tests can be difficult and stressful, but if there’s one thing we want you to take away from today’s orientation session, it’s that we will always support and guide your journey through WAPDA. We hope to see you again soon. Good luck on your exam!

What are the benefits of working with WAPDA?

First and foremost, WAPDA offers job security. As a public-sector organization, working for WAPDA means that you’ll always have work. Beyond that, working with WAPDA means gaining experience in an organization with nearly 70 years of presence in both national and international power markets. You’ll be able to build your resume while contributing to a national effort on a large scale, an experience that’s sure to be invaluable when looking for future jobs. If you want to gain international experience and connections while enhancing your skillset (while also helping Pakistan’s energy needs), look no further than WAPDA jobs. There are numerous career opportunities available within WAPDA; if you’re passionate about renewable energy or just enjoy meeting new people, then there’s a position out there for you. It all depends on what kind of experience you’re looking for—if none at all, we recommend starting off as an intern and moving up from there. Regardless of where your career takes you within WAPDA, it will certainly be interesting! There are numerous departments and teams within WAPDA; some deal directly with customers, others are involved with maintenance or management activities. Whichever department is right for you depends entirely on what kind of work interests you most—and it can change over time as well.


While we all are waiting for that next big job opportunity, it’s easy to get anxious and just check out on everything. In our minds, it’s only a matter of time before we find our dream jobs. That’s completely understandable, but if you want to make sure you land your dream job then it’s best to take control of your search as soon as possible. Take small steps every day—be productive at work and always be networking. Make sure you always have one foot in front of another so that way when an offer comes through, you’re ready and able to accept it.