7 interesting and high-paying mess jobs in Multan for 2022

7 interesting and high-paying mess jobs in Multan for 2022

7 interesting and high-paying mess jobs in Multan for 2022

7 interesting and high-paying mess jobs in Multan for 2022

Multan, with its historical and cultural background, has always been an attractive place to live in. Due to the fast growth of the city, there are numerous job opportunities both in government and private sectors. This article contains the list of 10 most interesting and high-paying mess jobs in Multan city of Pakistan which are available in 2022. If you think that you can qualify any one of these jobs, then go through this article to know further details regarding them and also how to apply for them.

what is Mess job?

This is an extremely common job, but it is also one of the best and most lucrative positions that a university student can hold. In fact, anyone can take a Mess job provided they have a relatively clean record – no criminal records, drug problems or otherwise violent history. These people generally have to keep discipline amongst pupils by making sure that everyone stays where they are supposed to be.

1) Hospitality Management

Not to be confused with catering or even events planning, hospitality management is an industry all its own. Hospitality managers oversee various aspects of lodging facilities—from check-in procedures to housekeeping, valet services, and more. These workers must possess good interpersonal skills, as they are often guests’ first impressions of a particular property. Therefore, these professionals should be comfortable problem solving on their feet. People looking to break into hospitality management can also find positions within hotels and restaurants or as event planners or reservationists within an establishment’s corporate office. This career is expected to grow by almost 20 percent by 2022! Jobs in Multan.

2) Catering Management

If you’re a people person, we’ve got a great opportunity for you. A variety of employers are looking to hire catering managers to oversee catering departments, as well as perform a number of other tasks to ensure that catered events go off without a hitch. Duties may include creating menus, overseeing event planning, managing staff and more. The pay can be up to $39/hour; click here for more details on careers at Indeed Prime .

3) Event Management

If you’re planning a big party, event or formal get together, then you’ll want to hire an event management service. These professional companies will manage every aspect of your party so you don’t have to worry about a thing. This includes everything from venue selection and catering to hiring entertainment or handling invitations. Hiring an event management company means you can spend more time with your guests and less time worrying about logistics. This job is great for people who enjoy planning events but don’t want to deal with all of the details that come along with it.

4) Coordinator/Chief Operating Officer

This job is essentially an extension of your position as a bartender, but with considerably more responsibility. The COO coordinates staff, bartenders, and hosts to make sure there are no hiccups or disasters at work. Basically, you’re in charge of keeping it together at all times. Bartenders can make upwards of $65/hour—and that’s only during peak hours. Most events pay far less than that, but if you have enough skills and hustle, it can be worth it. This position tends to be particularly demanding; some people might even say it’s more stressful than being a bartender or server because things always need to go perfectly smoothly

5) Waiter

To be a waiter, it is essential to work in a restaurant or hotel as a waiting staff. It is an occupation where you meet with guests and serve them food, drink, or take orders while they are seated at their table. A waiter’s job duties can also include restocking serving supplies like napkins, condiments, and silverware when needed. If you want to earn money as a waiter then you should check out part time job vacancies that are available online. But if your aim is to make more money then we recommend you check out job vacancies offered by hotels because they pay more than restaurants do; many of these vacancies require experience.

6) Cook

Becoming a skilled cook is certainly one of those careers that never goes out of style. If you have a passion for food and/or cooking, consider becoming a part-time or full-time chef or even take on a position as a personal chef. You’ll find many opportunities are available (especially during holidays) to cater private dinners, help people plan their meals, do taste tests at home, hold public cooking classes, etc. This will also give you an opportunity to start your own catering business if you like! The possibilities are endless with something like this!

7) Marketing Analyst (Analytics Trainee, Business Development Officer, etc.)

The Marketing Analyst is a unique position that straddles traditional marketing skills with modern analytic training. You’ll study data, of course, but you’ll also be exposed to other facets of marketing like advertising, public relations, social media and direct mail. In short: This role combines business expertise with a tech savvy. Job outlook: Top analytics firms have recruiting pipelines up to 10 years long so job security is excellent, especially if you’re interested in working directly with one company over several years (while market conditions change). An advanced degree will also help move you up faster within your organization or find you opportunities elsewhere. What’s more: The pay starts off above average at $87k annually and can quickly rise depending on your ability to land promotions or new roles..


Jobs are important for a better future of every individual. There are many highly paid jobs which offer handsome salary packages. These top 10 mess jobs are posted by Mr. Asim Butt, CEO of MahamGroup on his official Facebook page where you can apply to get yourself hired as a servant, gardener or nightwatchman at one of his posh flats in Multan. If you have applied through any other channel and missed out on these top 10 Mess Jobs then take them now. As they won’t remain available forever! Applicants must be ready to start working as soon as possible upon being accepted into Mr. Butt’s services as he is an impulsive employer with very short deadlines who expects instant results from all his employees at all times!